“Pan Am” Recaps

Get ready for takeoff!


“We’ll Always Have Paris”

“Ich Bin Ein Berliner”

“Eastern Exposure”

“One Coin in the Fountain”

“The Genuine Article”

“Truth or Dare” or “Romance Languages”

“Unscheduled Departure”

“Kiss Kiss Bang Bang”

“Secrets and Lies”

“Diplomatic Relations”

“Romance Languages”


Pan Am extras:

Episode “Truth or Dare” to feature interracial relationship

Showrunner Steve Maeda added

Twilight‘s Ashley Green to guest star

Pan Am facing midseason replacement–what this means for the show

What Moniqueblog will do during the small hiatus

“Unscheduled Departure” actress Fedna Jacquet talks filming the episode, Haiti in primetime, and fun on the set

The show is not cancelled, according to ABC AND Darren Pettie joins cast–what this might mean for the show

I’m on The Secrets of Pan Am!

1960′s hair on Pan Am: Where things went right and wrong

The petition to save ABC’s 1960s show

Some interesting news…

What would be nice to see after the hiatus

Kal Parekh on playing Sanjeev, the state of Indian-Americans in the 1960s

Other things I do online *or* Listen to “The Secrets of Pan Am” and read my interviews on ShockYa!

Listen to the (more than likely) final episode of “Secrets of Pan Am”!