The Worth of Draco Malfoy

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My section where I explain why Draco is my favorite character and why he should be valued more than he is.

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Unlike other villains…, Draco is a complex, sympathetic character who, though his actions are dangerous and deadly throughout the film, still manages to win over the audience’s heart by the end of the film. His villainy is not by choice, but rather, it is thrust upon him.

DM: Draco plays a major part in this film – does he have his own theme as well?

NH: He does. It follows him throughout all his visits to the room of requirements. Definitely a Malfoy theme, yeah. It’s an odd mixture of dark and sad. Well, not sad exactly. It’s moving though. Here’s this poor boy who has been kind of pulled into this. You don’t just feel he’s really evil. So the music couldn’t be about his being evil. It’s not about that. It’s about this kid being pulled out of his depth, really.

-Half-Blood Prince composer Nicholas Hooper’s words about Draco Malfoy

TF: You see a much harder and much more violent side, his hate is much stronger. But there’s also an immensely vulnerable side to him too. Hopefully you empathize with him by the end, a little bit.

-Tom Felton on Draco Malfoy in his L.A. Times interview

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