Ann Curry-Matt Lauer Feud Will Be Part of Upcoming “Today” Lifetime Movie


Yeah, you read this right; the behind-the-scenes shenanigans of Today will become a Lifetime TV movie based on the Brian Stelter book, Top of the Morning. The film–like the book–will be about the shady stuff that goes on behind the squeaky-clean veneer of morning network talk shows, including Today‘s scandal with Matt Lauer and Ann Curry. You can read more about this at The Hollywood Reporter.

I’m a bad journalist because I still don’t know all the ramifications of the Ann Curry-Matt Lauer beef, but that whole situation will be “explained” in this film. I’ll still look it up before or after watching the film, because Lifetime movies can’t be trusted for true fact (Liz & Dick, anyone?)

Anyways, who do you think will play Curry? Angry Asian Man offered up Maggie Q as a suggestion, a suggestion I hope they actually go with. They could also try Moon Bloodgood for the role as well. Who do you think they should pick?

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