“Sleepy Hollow”: Some thoughts on Ichabbie, Shipping Wars, and Two-Spirits

I’ve been spending the past few days getting deep in the trenches of the Sleepy Hollow fandom, particularly the Ichabbie shippers and the burgeoning shipping war between Ichabbie and some Ichatrina shippers. I’ve also got my own musings on the show, so let’s get to everything that’s been banging around in my head.

The show


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  • I’m highly intrigued to see exactly what Capt. Irving knows. I bet he’s an evil part of Katrina’s coven or some other evil coven or something. They are playing him very close to the vest. Extremely close to the vest. No complaints, I’m just curious as to what Irving’s hiding.
  • Hey, most of us know that Abbie and Ichabod are going to get together eventually. I’m not even saying that in a shipper context. If you aren’t convinced about their relationship, here’s some (sort-of) proof: On the TODAY website, co-creator and executive producer Alex Kurtzman said that even though Ichabod is intent on saving his wife, he’s still going to be “a ‘will they or won’t they’ [undercurrent to their relationship]. For sure!” Also, with all the hints the writers have been giving–Ichabod always looking intently at Abbie, immediately putting himself in grave danger, etc.–we already know that Ichabod cares a lot about Abbie at the very least. Well, anyway, we know that he cares more about her than she cares about him (or will admit to, anyway). However, he also has to protect her because she’s also the key to getting his wife out of purgatory, and Ichabod and Abbie are friends. I would think one would risk their life for their dear friend.But even with all of that said, does it seems like Ichabod has forgotten about his wife? I mean, we’ve only seen his wife for like two scenes in two separate episodes! Shouldn’t he be mentioning his wife more? Like, “How is this going to help save my wife?” or “We need to figure out how to save my wife!” I would think Ichabod would be about his wife all the time! Ichabod even gave Luke the “You’re old news! I’m with her now!” look when he walked out of the police station with Abbie, for goodness’ sake! You don’t do that when you still believe you’re married! Poor Katrina! Speaking of Katrina…
  • Is she dead or isn’t she “dead”? Like, I know we see her tombstone and all, but supposedly she’s not in the tombstone. So is she alive? Is she in some kind of spiritual purgatory? What exactly is her deal? Also, is she even a good witch? Or was she an evil witch that turned good? Basically, I just want more explained about her. Let’s see some more Katrina!
  • Poor Andy. I wish he didn’t sell his soul to the devil. But I also want to know what else he’ll be used for. If he’s going to be a servant to evil, I at least hope that he’s going to be a good one. Right now, though, he’s bumbling. He can’t get killed again, but I’d hate to see what kind of tortures he’s going to undergo when he fails at another task.

The fandom


Credit: Sleepy Hollow Daily

  • I would hope that Ichatrina and Ichabbie shippers get along. Everyone’s ship is valid at this point, since Ichabod is still married, but Ichabod is already attracted to Abbie in some form. And, technically, everyone’s ship is valid anyway because that’s what fandom is for. It allows for everyone to live out their OTP fantasies, whether that OTP is canon or not. So let’s all get along.
  • I’ve been seeing some “discussion” about some Ichatrina shippers invoking racial stereotypes when it comes to their “reasons” for not liking Ichabbie. You can go to Tumblr to see exactly what people have been saying, but again, we need to all get along. Abbie is important to a lot of viewers, especially African-American viewers, because black female characters have either been objectified or labeled as “undesirable,” while their white counterparts get to be full-fledged characters that are also love interests to all races. Abbie defies all of that stuff. Also, the fact that Ichabod protects her, and in some ways, reveres her, is INCREDIBLE–rarely does a black women get that kind of treatment in a show. So, similarly to the whole Night Vale Cecil issue, if you don’t like Ichabbie for legit reasons (i.e. “I truly just see them as friends, no tea, no shade”), then that’s fine. But if you’ve got tea and shade (and racism) all mixed up in your reasoning, then you’re wrong.
  • Ichabod as the “ride or die chick” is an interesting thing to think about. A lot of folks on Tumblr have stated how they love that Ichabod is all “ride or die” when it comes to Abbie. I mean, it’s true–he does go through hell and high water to help save her and the world, and it does reiterate what I said about Abbie being treated with respect by Ichabod…Anyways, I’m intrigued to see how ride or die he’s going to be when Katrina fully comes back into the picture. I have a feeling that this is where the conflict’s going to come in, because Ichabod is going to be torn between his loyalty towards his wife and his new (seemingly more intense) loyalty towards Abbie. I have a feeling he’ll still have the same ride-or-die mentality with Abbie, which will surely make Katrina feel uncomfortable. Again, poor Katrina!
  • One cool idea I thought of is how Ichabod will handle today’s same-sex relationships. As you probably already know, same-sex relationships weren’t out in the open in the 1700s the way they are today. This would lead one to believe that Ichabod might have a problem with the gay community he’s bound to encounter in the 21st century. However, we’ve shown how Ichabod was and still is a free-thinker. He was an abolitionist, had cultural respect for his Native American friends, and doesn’t regard Abbie as a damsel in distress (instead, he’s confident in her abilities to do what she needs to). And, of course, he’s fighting supernatural creatures, which does mean you have to be a bit open-minded.Since Ichabod does respect and learn from Native American culture, I posit that Ichabod might view gay people in the Native American, “Two-Spirit” context. To quote Wikipedia:
    These individuals were sometimes viewed in certain tribes as having two spirits occupying one body. Their dress is usually a mixture of traditionally male and traditionally female articles. According to Sabine Lang they have distinct gender and social roles in their tribes.
     In some tribes, male-bodied two-spirits held specific active roles which, varying by tribe, may include:
      …Two-spirit people, specifically male-bodied (biologically male, gender female), could go to war and have access to male activities such as sweat lodges. However, they also took on female roles such as cooking and other domestic responsibilities.
    Two-spirits might have relationships with people of either sex. Female-bodied two-spirits usually had sexual relations or marriages with only females. In the Lakota tribe, two-spirits commonly married widowers; a male-bodied two-spirit could perform the function of parenting the children of the husband’s late wife without any risk of bearing new children to whom a new wife might give priority.
    Partners of two-spirits did not receive any special recognition, although some believed that after having sexual relations with a two-spirit they would obtain magical abilities, be given obscene nicknames by the two-spirited person which they believed held “good luck,” or in the case of male partners, receive a boost to their masculinity. Relationships between two “two-spirited” individuals is absent in the literature (with the sole exception of the Tewa tribe). As male-bodied two-spirits regarded each other as “sisters,” it is speculated that it may have been seen as incestuous to have a relationship with another two-spirit.
    It is known that in certain tribes a relationship between a two-spirit and non-two-spirit was seen for the most part as neither heterosexual nor homosexual (in modern day terms) but more “hetero-gender,” Europeans however saw them as being homosexual. Partners of two-spirits did not experience themselves as “homosexual,” and moreover drew a sharp conceptual line between themselves and two-spirits.

Since I’m sure Ichabod knows about this, I’m sure he’ll spout out this knowledge, and then do something that is borderline offensive in this day-and-age, like asking them about the future or if they can provide him with some kind of medicinal herb or something.

  • Orlando Jones as the king of the fandom is funny. I do like when a show or movie recognizes that the fan community is something to engage in, not fear or pander to. Good job, Orlando. And kudos to you for actually wanting people to send you fanfiction, including Irving/Ichabod fanfiction.

That’s it for now! What are your thoughts on Sleepy Hollow so far?

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  1. Kayla-Jo
    October 11, 2013 at 5:38 pm

    Great blog post! Great to hear people actually in the fandom talking so eloquently about the fandom. Makes me appreciate more and more why I love being in fandoms. Keep up the great work!

  2. Monique Jones
    October 13, 2013 at 11:54 pm

    Thanks, Kayla-Jo! Glad you liked the article!

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