How to Dress Like Nick Fury and Agent Coulson if You’re a Girl + How to Dress Like Black Widow

Nick Fury Black Widow Agent Coulson

Credit: Marvel

Okay, I think I’m at the end of the Marvel’s The Avengers/Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. fashion posts! Of course, there are some people I’m probably missing–like, I could have done a Bruce Banner look instead of just a Hulk look, and I’m missing Agent Maria Hill and the Frost Giants, but whatever. It’s pertinent to get the main people out of the way. So enough of this set-up! Let’s get to the main event!

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Nick Fury

Nick Fury Fashion

I think this turned out to be another one of my favorites. I have absolutely no idea where you’d wear this outfit together, but you can certainly wear the pieces apart. Of course, you could wear all of these together if you wanted to be a female Nick Fury for Halloween.

My favorite piece of this set is the peplum zip-down top. It took me forever to find a two-toned zip-down top that really mimicked Nick Fury’s, so when I finally found this, I was thoroughly excited. I also like the fingerless gloves–I wish I had some, even though they’re too hot for where I live.

Agent Coulson

Agent Coulson fashion

Agent Coulson’s look is actually quite similar to the Mycroft look I made for my Sherlock…if You’re a Girl post. I mean, there are not too many ways to make a blueish-gray suit look different from another suit. I believe the watch featured is a man’s watch, but I think if women can wear male ties, women can wear male watches. In fact, I want one myself. Also, to mimic Coulson’s bluetooth, I put in some cool earcuffs and I also included a high-heeled version of the male oxford, just feminize it up a bit.

Black Widow

Black Widow Fashion

This simplistic design became surprisingly hard to translate into practical clothes. At one point I had thought of creating an office look with a skirt since I found a really cool black pencil skirt with black piping that mimics the piping in Black Widow’s suit. But I was adamant about keeping the pants, which makes Black Widow Black Widow, in my opinion. Of course, wearing a catsuit in public isn’t practical, so I split it up into a sporty look that could be worn either for running around town or doing butt-kicking. I also added a messenger bag to reference Black Widow’s utility belt, since wearing a utility belt isn’t practical either (not even a fanny pack).

What do you think about these looks? Give your opinions below!

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