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Credit: Benny Haddad

Another interview I forgot about, even though it just happened last Sunday! I was able to speak with Connor Jessup about the second season of Falling Skies, as well as his executive producing debut in the indie film Amy George. Here’s a snippet:

Jessup, who plays Ben Mason, also said there’s a new outlook in store for his character. “In the first season, he was optimistic and smiley; now that his dad [played by Noah Wyle] is presumed dead, he’s become darker. He’s become a fighter now. He’s a little bit colder, a little bit harder and tougher, but because of this being the result of trauma and confusion all in a short amount of time, this is just a surface coating. There’s still that optimistic, naive persona under there.”

Even though Jessup’s character holds his own on the show, Jessup himself doesn’t think he’d survive an alien occupation if one ever occurred on Earth.

“I think I would probably be one of the first to die,” he said. “After the alien takeover on the show, most of the people on earth have died. You have to be really lucky or ingenious or tough to have survived. I’m graceless. I have no survival skills. I’d be useless to anybody in a post-apocalyptic environment.”

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