The Jenny Hyun saga and how she is hurting everyone with her racist tweets

Linsanity has turned into INSANITY, thanks to Jenny Hyun.

For those who do not know who Hyun is, she is a songwriter for Korean pop groups Girls’ Generation and Chocolat. Apparently, she already has made some questionable tweets that seem to suggest she idolizes white people simply because she herself is light-skinned. This is a whole different colorism issue, but let’s get back to the main story, which deals with both colorism, racism, and flat-out ignorance.

According to Blasian Narrative, Koreaboo, and various other sources, Hyun released a tirade of incendiary, hateful language on Twitter after reading what boxer Floyd Mayweather tweeted, which was, “Jeremy Lin is a good player but all the hype is because he’s Asian. Black players do what he does every night and don’t get the same praise.” Again, what he said comes from a completely different race issue that I don’t have time to go over in this post. After this, and after made a blockheaded move and posted an article entitled “A Chink in the Armor” (really, ESPN?), Hyun went ballistic on Twitter, not only talking bad about what Mayweather said, but went on a genocidal rant about KILLING ALL BLACK PEOPLE.  I was going to quote her, but she’s says a lot of stuff that I can’t even make myself write, so I’ll just give you the twitter screencaps:

No matter if you agree or disagree with what Mayweather said, how are you going to jump to KILLING ALL BLACK PEOPLE!? NOT TO MENTION CALLING US NEANDERTHALS AND INUMAN?! AND OUR CULTURE IS DISGUSTING? THE CULTURE THAT CREATED R&B, THE MUSICAL GENRE IN WHICH YOU MAKE YOUR MONEY FROM?! Don’t even get me started on how she dissed the recently deceased Whitney Houston, a woman who acted as the inspiration for many singers ALL ACROSS THE WORLD, INCLUDING SOUTH KOREA!

I had typed a bunch of curse words here, but cursing too much makes me uncomfortable, but you can supply your own curse words here.

Basically, these are the rantings of a sad individual. She is not only making herself look like a dunce, but she’s offending EVERYONE, not just black people here. R&B is a huge market in Korea, and I’m sure that with it being such a huge market, there is obviously a level of respect for the music and the culture. I’m not trying to paint a rosy picture–obviously, there are racists in every walk of life. But I have to believe that with the usage of R&B in Korea comes a profound respect for the culture that comes along with it. It just makes sense, especially since people from all walks of life are going off on her for what she has said, on Facebook, Twitter, her official site, everywhere. There’s even a petition being signed this very minute by hundreds of people for her blacklisting in Korean and international entertainment companies. For her to say all of this and then come back with a half-assed not-apology is ridiculous, to say the least.

On the whole, I’m irritated by this, but the comments she’s made are so racist and stupid that I mostly just feel unique sadness for her. I’ll quote something I found in one of the Native American Facebook pages in my personal Facebook feed:

“How can you NOT get angry?!?” I exploded to the medicine woman one night. “People can be so stupid and unkind!” She took a long pause and smiled. She told me, you see the physical age of a person and expect them to act like an adult. I see their spiritual age. If a person is two spiritually treat them as you would a two year old and be compassionate. Do not be fooled by physical age. It will do nothing but confuse you. The Earth is an elementary school — there are teachers and students here. Don’t beat up the students!

This is exactly how this woman needs to be treated. She is old physically, old enough to realize that having hatred is never correct, but spiritually, she is way younger. Remember that at the root of it, true ignorance is a child-like mindset.

I’ve made it plain on this site that I’m an African-American. I’m proud of my race, ethnicity and heritage. We as a people have been through a lot, and her comments aren’t going to make us–or anyone, for that matter–scared of her. She’s just one person, spewing hatred. All we have to do is choose not to listen and absorb the hatred because it’s coming from a place of extreme ignorance and misplaced fear. Choosing not to listen is, in this case, since she makes her living from being heard, is way more effective.

I’m also sad that Jeremy Lin’s fame is being dragged into her own psychological problems. Lin doesn’t deserve this. All he wanted to do is play basketball in the NBA and once he becomes famous, this is what comes of it? His fame and popularity should not be used to divide people. However, I do think that Linsanity is actually driving people closer together, especially after the tirade this woman has released on Twitter. I mean, just the idea of diversity in basketball makes me excited. Yes, there can be arguments as to why Lin is getting recognized, but on the whole, to see other players recognized for their talents instead of using the backwards-racism that is actually a part of the NBA (i.e. how picking black men due to their height, build, and “athleticism” in a draft being similar to how black men were picked for their strength back in the slavery days at auction) is great to me. Don’t mistake me–I still love the NBA and all the basketball storylines, but seeing Lin on the basketball court making shots and assisting plays– not to mention seeing him get the screen time on every sports show and the ESPN analysts’ expert fangirling over him–makes me feel like I’m seeing the whole width and breadth of what the NBA–and other sports–could be. You’d think in 2012, we’d have more Asian talent than just Yao Ming, anyway. I don’t know why that is. There is probably a level of stereotyping in there, but I’m not an expert on draft picking. In any case, what I’m saying boils down to this: I don’t know Lin personally, but I don’t think he would support anything this woman has to say.

I’m done with this, expect no more posts about this woman’s insane levels of hatred here.

EDIT: I appreciate the comments that have been put here for this post, but I have a feeling things will get out of hand very quickly, and  I want to keep things as civil as possible (even though it’s already getting a little dirty). So comments on this topic are now closed.

EDIT #2: Hyun’s family has put out the following apology, which you can accept if you wish:

Jenny Hyun has been admitted to a hospital today. She is a paranoid schizophrenic and has been battling mental illness, a debilitating disease for many years.
Friends and family of Jenny want to extend their sincere apology for any harmful statements made verbally or via the web that Jenny has made while she was in the height of a psyshosis episode. We appreciate your understanding during this difficult time for her.



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3 comments for “The Jenny Hyun saga and how she is hurting everyone with her racist tweets

  1. Steve
    February 20, 2012 at 12:16 pm

    I was also furious about this person’s tweets. After reading up a bit, I found out that she has battled mental illness in the past. Some of her own posts from last year talks about failing to take medication and her being hospitalized.

    Much love, Monique J!

  2. inshockreader
    February 20, 2012 at 3:33 pm

    First of all “psychological problems” is a cop out. the reason she is so “paranoid” is b/c somebody black is probably gna bust a cap in that a&% and she knows it. Thats what sent her racist self to the hospital. Now i do not repeat NOT take up for merriweather, what he said was stupid..and ignorant. But thats what he is ignorant. You cant blame the ignorant man, you teach the ignorant man. But she…is just plain racist. I understand her anger at his comment but on the other half her comments to people who are black as a the reason why she better stay hospitalized for years, for her own safety. that violence she spoke of..she’ll see it first hand b/c of her mouth. Nothing she said was okay, forgivable or forgettable. Career damage! I deleted what I almost said..I’ll just say girl you betta find your relationship with God b/c thats who you are going to need to protect you for the rest of your days on this earth.

  3. Steven speers
    February 20, 2012 at 7:04 pm

    @inshockreader…You have proven her point so VERY eloquently with your asinine post.You say you don’t condone what Mayweather(that’s how you spell his name,you stupid baboon),and call his racism “ignorance”,but her statements are “racist”.Your response is Mayweather(again this is his name,not “merriweather”) should be “taught” but for a young woman you suggest violence.You also openly ackowledge that the black response to hearing something that they don’t like is to use violence.You are a misogynistic,hypocritical racist.I am sorry to use such big words that are clearly beyond your ability to comprehend,seeing as how you can’t even spell “going to”,but I can’t dumb down my comments enough for you without using crayons and single syllable words.

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