Weekend Archie: Betty and Reggie

Even Reggie’s got the common sense to know that Betty’s too good for Archie. WISE UP, BETTY! PLEASE, FOR THE SAKE OF FEMALE-KIND, FIND ANOTHER BOY! What about Adam Chisholm? He respects you, Betty! Talk to Adam!

Or, as a lot of Archie Comics fans say, be with Reggie! He apparently respects you more than Archie does! And he’s shown you the gentler side of himself. I guess technically, they are together in those new Life with Archie books.

In any case, Archie needs to learn a few things about treating women with courtesy. Veronica will hopefully drill that into his head, seeing she’s a maneater and all.

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1 comment for “Weekend Archie: Betty and Reggie

  1. July 20, 2011 at 4:42 am

    thank you, Monique! yes, Betty needs to find some self respect. If she did not worry about being so good all the time, then she would probably become a stronger person. Reggie could help her in being a little bad sometimes.

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