Native American Pride, Canada edition: Kaniehtiio Horn*

Kaniehtiio Horn

credit: Google

Occupation: Actress

*Horn was born in Montreal and is a Canadian. However, since Canada is part of the North American continent, I am putting her under the “Native American” section heading. Even if the descendants of native tribes come from Canada, the U.S., or Mexico, they are still, technically, natives of North America. But I do acknowledge the differences, thus the addition to the title, “Canada Edition”.

Seen in:(television and film) Mohawk Girls, On the Road (film in production), Journey to the Center of the Earth, Immortals (film in post-production), Being Human, 18 to Life

Nation(s)/Tribe(s): Mohawk (father is Caucasian)

Hobbies/other talents: swimming, water polo

Trivia: Was part of the Oka Crisis in Montreal when she was four years old. A picture of her then-14-year-old sister being stabbed by a bayonet while holding Horn was published in the newspapers and later used in the CBS miniseries Indian Summer: The Oka Crisis as symbolism of the standoff between the Canadian government and the Mohawks.

Quotes: (On her collaboration with Joseph Tekaroniake Lazare on By the Rapids, an APTN animated comedy set on a First Nation reserve): “I hope I can help change the face of what they (the white community) view us as…I am a Mohawk, a Mohawk woman, even if I don’t look like one. My roots are so strong, they keep me down to earth.”–from the¬†Ottawa¬†Citizen

info from Wikipedia

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